Get Better Mileage Out Of Your Clunker

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Just because you drive an old vehicle does not mean that you have to get poor gas mileage. Here are some tips to get better gas mileage out of your clunker. Routine Maintenance Do not understate the importance of routine car maintenance. Not only will you increase the longevity of your vehicle, but you will also keep the gas mileage from plummeting. The motor oil and filter need to be always changed on a regular basis. Dirty motor oil increases the friction inside of the motor, which will ultimately lead to poor fuel economy. Replace items such as the air filter and spark plugs at their recommended intervals. Easy Acceleration When you are driving in the city, car insurance solutions, there is no need to punch the throttle at every stoplight. Lightly press the gas pedal down just hard enough to keep up with the rest of the traffic. A quick takeoff at the stoplight only causes your gas mileage to go downhill. Tire Pressure Tire pressure plays a role in getting good gas mileage. Make sure that your tires are pumped up to the optimum pressure at all times. Low pressure causes your engine to work much harder to keep the car in motion.

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Innovative Technology That Is Used To Enhance Efficiency

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Car makers are implementing a lot of new technology in effort to cut down on fuel consumption. Here are a few brief descriptions of these innovative fuel-saving technologies.

Direct Injection
Although direct injection is not a new technology, it is just now starting to take the automotive industry by storm. Direct injection is able to deliver more efficiency by injecting fuel directing into the engine’s cylinders. This process also enhances the cooling of an engine, thus producing more power.

Cylinder Deactivation
The basic concept of cylinder deactivation is to shut off a ( More … )

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Basic Concepts For Hypermiling Your Vehicle

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Hypermiling is a unique style of driving that is geared toward getting the ultimate in fuel efficiency. Here are some of the basic concepts to hypermile your car.

Easy Does It
Hard acceleration does nothing but toss gas savings down the drain. When accelerating from a standstill, always try to use a very light pressure on the accelerator. Most drivers do not realize that it takes very little throttle to get their vehicle ( More … )

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How To Use A Gas Mileage Gauge For MPGs

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Because your actual gas mileage can vary significantly from the EPA estimates for your particular vehicle, it is important to be able to control how heavy you are on the gas to maximize your fuel economy. If your car is not equipped with a built-in fuel-economy gauge, an aftermarket gas-mileage gauge can help you do this.

Most cars built after 1996 can accept plug-and-play mileage gauges because they have an on-board diagnostic system (OBD-II) port located somewhere underneath the dashboard. This is the same port that your mechanic uses to monitor engine performance. Once you locate the OBD-II port, just ( More … )

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Getting Better Gas Mileage Out Of A V8 Engine

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In regards to fuel economy, many people have a negative perception of V8 engines. Here are some easy tips to get better gas mileage out of a vehicle that is equipped with a V8 engine.

Use Torque To Your Advantage
Most eight-cylinder engines are able to produce a tremendous amount of torque. Not only does this extra torque help with acceleration, it can also lead to fuel savings. Only a slight touch of the throttle is needed ( More … )

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When Should You Use Premium Gas In A Car

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Many people are unaware of the true nature of premium gasoline. Here are some common circumstances that require the use of premium fuel in your vehicle.

Owner’s Manual
The owner’s manual of your car will state the specific type of fuel that should be used. Often times, the vehicle’s gauge cluster will also read “premium fuel only”. Some drivers are under the mistaken idea that premium gas will cause their car to run better. Unless your engine is deigned to use high octane gas, you are just tossing money down the drain. High compression and turbocharged engines typically require the use of premium gas.

High Mileage Engine
As the miles begin to pile up on your engine,, it may eventually start to ping and knock while using regular gas. Engine pinging means that the fuel is starting to prematurely detonate inside of the engine. The normal cause is the presence of carbon deposits on the engine’s pistons. Premium gas will allow you to avoid this destructive condition until you can get your engine repaired.

If your vehicle has had substantial engine modifications, then you may have to begin using premium gas to handle the extra compression.

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